What Happened After the Titanic Sank?
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What Happened After the Titanic Sank?

What happened after the Titanic sunk? How is ocean travel safer now because of the sinking of the Titanic

Most people know the at least a part of the story of the sinking of the Titanic but there is very little talk about what actually happened after that fateful night. Here are some details about what happened after wards.

Days After

The Carpathia which was the ship that responded first to the distress calls of the Titanic and was the one who picked up Titanic’s survivors arrived in New York at around 8:00 PM on April 18, 1912, almost three days after sinking of the Titanic.

News had already been spreading about the tragedy. When Carpathia arrived in New York there were around 40,000 people waiting there. People were waiting to see if their loved ones had survived or if their lives had been lost at sea. Among the people waiting were reporters who shamelessly got in the faces of the survivors. Most were tight lipped about what had happened as they had endured a horrific tragedy.

The crowd became emotional as people began to realize their loved ones had not survived.


There were two inquiries after the sinking. One was in America and the other in England. The American Inquiry wanted to know why the Titanic had been moving at such a rapid pace in an icy area. To this day that question has never been answered. Evidence also came up that the life boats were not brought in to play in a timely manner.

Also during the inquiries there were questions brought up as to why the Californian which was a ship that was near enough to save the passengers of the Titanic did not respond to the calls for help. There are also thoughts that there might have been a third ship in that area that night as well, but that remains a mystery.

The Californian was sitting motionless through the night because of all of the ice. Their wireless operator also did not hear the call for help because he was off duty.

Californian / Wikimedia public domain


As was seen in the movie the gates between the each of the classes on the ships did remain closed. Although they say it is not proved that 3rd class passengers were kept from reaching the top of the ship. They also say that since a lot of the 3rd place passengers did not speak English that it made things more confusing and they were unable to determine to what extent the 3rd class passengers were left without a fair chance to survive at least where the men were concerned.

Although the exact statistics are not known because there was not a proper passenger list it is quite obvious that very few 3rd class passengers survived. Also a large percentage of crew members perished as well. It is believed that only approximately 214 crew members survived 20 of them being women, while approximately 685 crew members lost their lives including 3 women. Approximately 105 female 3rd class women survived, while approximately 119 3rd class women perished. Only approximately 69 of the 3rd class men survived while 417 perished. Only approximately 34 total women who were in 2nd and 1st class steerage did not survive. While somewhere around 150 survived. A little less than half of the first class males survived, also about half of the men in 2nd class survived as well. Looking at these stats it is clear that the largest proportion of passengers on the Titanic were crew members.

Searching For the Titanic

Of course people wanted to start searching for the Titanic right away, but in 1912 they just did not have the equipment or the technology to search for a boat in those depths of the ocean. The Titanic is said to have sunk 4000 miles in to the ocean. The technology came about in the 1970’s but It was not until 1985 that machinery with a camera on it managed to find something from the Titanic. It was about 12 miles away from where it actually had landed. The bow and stern of the ship were found about a mile from one another. Since then many articles have been pulled up and out of the ocean from the Titanic the most notable was the ships bell

To see some photos of things retrieved from the Titanic you can go Titanic Universe.

Wikimedia / public domain

What Positive Changes Were Made to Ocean Travel Because of the Titanic?

Since the sinking of the Titanic it is now required that there are enough life boats to hold everyone who is on board of a ship.

Also all ships are required to have some operating communication systems 24 hours per day.

There was also an international ice patrol that was established.

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Comments (8)

Very interesting article. I went to the Titanic museum and I was overcome with grief over what the people must have gone through.

Charlene: I know it must have been awful, the story has always fascinated me. I can not even imagine the terror they experienced and the cold.

Its a sad fact that passenger ships in those days often had insufficient life boats for all the passengers. It took the Titanic disaster to bring it to the publics attention.

excellent info thanks so much

Brilliant article about Titanic.

An excellent follow up to your first Titanic article.

Ken Claudie

Ever since i had my mind on, the story of the Titanic has really fascinated me. I have so many questions to ask..

I have a lot of imaginations on what really happened that night.

4000 miles? I didn't know the Titanic sank near the center of the earth.